Real Life VPN Usage by a Real Person

VPN in an everyday situation, a personal blog from a private user.

For many of us the internet is now like a third arm. I know I simply can’t live without it. I’m a freelance copywriter and journalist and the internet keeps me sane (and broke). As I work mainly from an office as my own boss, I don’t have to worry about restrictions. In fact I count on being able to check into Facebook and Twitter at regular intervals.

I love seeing what people are up to while I’m waiting for a call to connect, I’m on hold for the umpteenth time or just having a sip of my coffee. Working alone most of the time it makes me feel less isolated, while the EBay daily deals make me feel like I’m shopping over lunch.

  • Oh MY – Wi-Fi

I’m quite possibly addicted to the internet. I will access it from anywhere, mainly my iPhone if I’m on the go, a laptop if I’m reporting, a PC if I’m writing. Even my kindle lets me browse, which has meant I haven’t read a book since buying it.

Recently I was invited to a demonstration, a new company had launched globally (previously only in Europe) and they offered secure networks for payments. Using me as a guinea pig they wanted to show just how easy it was to get my information over Wi-Fi.

At the trade show was a café. They asked me to grab a coffee and to do what I would normally making no change to my habits whatsoever. They said I’d have to be about thirty minutes, so naturally I got coffee and cake and pulled out my laptop.

I switched between my laptop and iPhone as I uploaded some photos, texted my family, checked social media and basically took care of what I normally would online. Using the thirty minutes as an opportunity to catch breath I completely forgot I was part of an experiment.

That was until the organisers asked me to return.

On a detailed print out they showed me they gained the passwords and usernames to my:

  • Facebook and Twitter Accounts
  • Cloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive Accounts
  • Bank
  • PayPal
  • Website, where I take payments
  • Ebay
  • Email

They had all the information they needed to go on a huge shopping spree, change my details, alter delivery addresses and basically rob me of my identity. They’d done it in real time too, all because I’d used the local Wi-Fi.

  • When They Tried to Take My Freedom

Now if this wasn’t enough to persuade me to look for a VPN like AnonyVPN then the next event was. I was asked to work from a client’s office one day so we could have an extended meeting over lunch. Setting me up with a PC, I was pleased to see I could access the internet but imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get onto Facebook?

I asked the reason why and the client told me it decreases the productivity of his workers, while letting me know that all usage is monitored, even my private emails.

For me, as a journalist, I’m nosey and can often find the latest news as it happens on Twitter and Facebook. Of course I use it as a procrastination tool but it’s also good for work. That’s what I told my client anyhow.

On returning to my own office I decided to check out ways round it, for the next time I’d be asked to work away. I found AnonyVPN and now before even doing anything online I simply log in and all restrictions are removed.

It takes a second and is quicker than logging in to my email and I know wherever I go the client can’t see my activity, after all why do they want to watch me buying shoes on EBay or Googling my symptoms?

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