Terms Of Service


Our terms and conditions form an agreement between us, AnonyVPN and you, the user. We provide a virtual private network service and on using this service you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions. We promise to update you with any revisions to this document but be aware that this is a legally binding document that you are bound to as a subscriber to AnonyVPN.

The agreement begins as soon as we receive your first payment. Unless terminated it then continues on a month by month basis.

Our service has variable factors beyond our control that can affect performance such as internet speed, location errors, quality of hard lines and the device you use. It’s because of this that we do not guarantee any speeds, for download or upload. We will also not be held responsible for any interruption of service and will not refund any more money than what has been paid for the VPN service.

We reserve the right to bring in a limit to the data amount transferable each month if this becomes necessary.

The IP addresses assigned to you to safeguard your anonymity are always the property of AnonyVPN.

These terms and conditions and your subscription are valid as long as you have a paid subscription. If you fail to pay we will suspend your account and reserve the right to refuse renewal of your subscription for up to 6 months. If you cancel your account we will remove your log in details instantly.

We do not permit sharing of our services. Privacy is our main concern. We will suspend any account that we believe has been shared with another user.

AnonyVPN cannot guarantee that the service will be free of errors all times. We waive any warranties including title, fitness for purpose, merchantability, information or non-infringement. We encrypt your IP address and give a choice of locations, we are not responsible for any harmful websites you may visit or any content you download, stream or upload.

It is your responsibility to keep your log in details and password safe. AnonyVPN will not be held responsible for leakage of information through security breaches to your computer, virus, eavesdropping, word of mouth, theft of personal information, shared usage of our VPN and so on and will not accept any liability for any claims or damages resulting from instances such as these. WE are also not liable for any action you take when using our VPN to infringe copyright, access third party information, gain access to trade secrets, or any other intellectual property.

These terms and conditions form part of a full agreement that includes our privacy policy and our acceptable use policy. By using our services and paying a subscription you are abiding to the full agreement and are bound by its terms. We may change this agreement at any time and post any changes on our website.

This agreement is between you, a sole user/subscriber and AnonyVPN. You cannot pass on the responsibility to anyone not bearing your identity. This will make the agreement void.

You will indemnify AnonyVPN against any third party claims including any fees or expenses incurred through suspected breach of contract or breach of contract.


Acceptable Use Policy


AnonyVPN acceptable use policy forms part of the overall agreement that you are legally bound to when subscribing to our services. If you do not abide to the terms your account will be suspended.

It is our intention to protect our users, and public internet users from any illegal or irresponsible activity. Therefor we include the activities prohibited by AnonyVPN but this list is not exclusive and changes can be made at any time.
See our terms and conditions for rules on amendments to the agreement.

Ours users are prohibited from:

  • Sending bulk emails through AnonyVPN. Using AnonyVPN resources to advertise emails, websites or businesses. Using AnonyVPN accounts to collect information from customers.
  • Operating mailing lists. Referring to AnonyVPN account in any way through mailing lists.
  • Using, sharing or transmitting software or applications that violate these terms and conditions and acceptable use policy.
  • Reselling or operating the account with or to any third party or to any company listed in the ROKSO database. (www.spamhaus.org)
  • Attempted access to any account not owned by the user
  • Using the services without intent to pay
  • Any attempts to gain access to AnonyVPN customers, any attempts to change information
  • Any form of activity that constitutes as harassment
  • The use of AnonyVPN services to disrupt AnonyVPN services

Every subscriber is held responsible for their own actions and bound by these terms and conditions detailed on this acceptable use policy, in the terms and conditions and in the privacy policy. We retain the right to terminate any account without notice that is thought to be in violation of this agreement.

last modified on July 28, 2015