The Benefits Of A VPN Service And How It Can Protect Your Online Identity

VPN services have a lot of benefits. To understand these benefits, first you have to understand what a VPN does. Essentially, a VPN is a service that offers you unlimited access to IP’s. It is an IP solution, where you can hide your IP address by connecting to their servers.

There are many reasons why you may want to hide your IP, which are covered below. Having total anonymity while you are online is very important, not only for securing your identity, but also for protecting your freedom. When you use a VPN service, you have complete privacy. None of your activities can be tracked by any websites or prying eyes.


  • A VPN solution can be beneficial when you use the Internet

One of the ways that criminals can steal identities, is by finding the IP of someone who is using the Internet. Your IP address is basically a unique number that is assigned to your network. When you access the Internet using your given IP address, people can use this address to find your location. Now, the average Internet user knows nothing of IP solutions and they don’t know how to use an IP to find somebody. However, there are criminals out there that specialize in this type of thing and they know how to manipulate the Internet to get information that they need. By using an IP solution, you can protect your anonymous identity and provide no information about where you live or who you are. IP solutions also hide your information and location to any websites that you are registering on. May not have known this, but any website where you register an account, purchase something, or even just going to the website at all, can use your presence on their website to gain access to your IP.

  • IP solutions can be beneficial when you are registering for websites

aA lot of online marketers, particularly people who are involved in search engine optimization, need to register to the same website more than once. Some websites have strict registration policies. They will only allow a certain number of sign on from the same IP address. This is a situation where you may need access to different IP addresses, so that you can sign up to the same website over and over again without them knowing that it was the same person. VPN accounts allow you to get access to these IP’s that you need, without having to separately log into each one on your browser.

  • Internet marketers using classified ad websites

Classified ad websites are places where you can sign up and post ads about your products or services. Some of these sites have very strict usage requirements. Sometimes, they require that the account that you post under have and IP that is located in the city that you are posting. They may also require additional features like a phone verified account, so that you can post ads. Meeting these requirements can be expensive and time-consuming. Internet marketers can use a VPN service to get access to unlimited IP’s, in cities throughout the places that they are posting. This allows you to sign up and post ads to various cities throughout classified ad websites. You won’t have to worry about getting banned or anything unfortunate happening to your accounts, since you have protected yourself by using the right kind of IP, provided by your VPN service.

  • VPN Services work automatically!

Most VPN services will rotate your IP every so often, so that your anonymous identity stays protected. Your real IP will never be accessible by anybody on the Internet. Every program that you use will be ran behind this fake IP address, so that nobody can trace you are your location. This allows you to sign up to websites, appearing as a totally different person from a different part of the world. VPN solutions are an excellent service, you can purchase IP’s standalone, but you have to login to each one every time that you want to use it. With a VPN, your IP automatically changes. Most VPN providers have a schedule that you can automate. For instance, you could schedule that your IP be changed every 5 min., 15 min., 30 min., or every hour. This way, you never have to worry about adjusting your IP, the VPN software automatically does it for you.

  • Hide your location under 80 different places, all from one account!

Most VPN companies will allow you to choose from a wide variety of places throughout the world, where your IP will appear from. These locations could be various places throughout the United States, Europe, China or practically anywhere. The benefit of a VPN service is that you get such a wide variety of locations. If you were to buy this many IP’s, you would have to purchase 50 just to have one in each location that the VPN service provides. This would be very expensive on a monthly basis, not to mention the fact that most VPN companies provide you with hundreds of IP’s in every single location. The only downside of the VPN is that these IP’s are shared with other users of the software and you cannot pick which IP you are going to use. This means, if you want to use the IP to register to a website, then use the same IP to access the website over and over again in the future, this will not be possible. Since you cannot select an IP, the VPN just provides you with one that has been automatically selected, you can’t choose to use the same IP that you were assigned when registering to the website. If you have other uses for the IP’s, and you don’t need to have the same IP address every time then a VPN is a perfect solution for you.

  • Free trial VPN’s

Some VPN companies will allow you to sign up for a free trial. This is a great way to test out the software and find out if it is going to work for you. It’s also important that you use websites like classified ad sites, since you have to make sure that the IP solutions that the VPN provides you with our high-quality enough to be used on these type of sites. Trials are great way to test the waters of the VPN and find out if it is going to be a perfect fit.

  • VPNs can protect you from your ISP!

If you use a VPN along with other software to hide your identity, your ISP, Internet service provider, may not be able to see downloads that you make on the Internet. This can be beneficial if you don’t want your Internet service provider to know about things that you are doing. Of course, we never want to promote illegal activity, you should only purchase the software for this benefit if you are doing something that is completely legal. Nevertheless, a VPN can help hide some of the things that you are doing so that your Internet service provider cannot spy on you. It offers you privacy and reassurance that you can’t get in any other way.

  • VPN’s can be used on any operating system!

Most VPN companies are starting to transition their software onto many different platforms. This means that whether you use Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, a Mac, an iPhone, or an Android, you can get the VPN installed and working on your device. There is software that can work with any type of operating system, it’s very easy to set up and start using.

  • VPN solutions are also inexpensive

Perhaps one of the greatest parts about VPN companies, is that their services are cheap and inexpensive. You can find cheap and fast VPN services at AnonyVPN website. Anonymous VPN, Cheap, Fast & Secure VPN Service This is a company that provides total anonymity on the Internet. Logs will never be saved of your activities, your Internet activities will be totally secure. Without a VPN, you would be compromising your online identity and putting you at risk for somebody compromising where you live or information about you. They can get details like your credit card number, social security number, or other information if you do not use an IP to hide your whereabouts. That’s why VPNs are an excellent thing to connect to before you make a purchase on the Internet. Rather than having this purchase monitored by anybody, you can use the VPN to be sure that your connection is secure and nobody is seeing things that they shouldn’t be. You can find VPN solutions for prices as low as six dollars a month. These prices also go up as high as $50 a month, to accommodate for more features being added into your VPN plan. For instance, when you spend more money, you can gain access to more locations and more IP’s. This can be beneficial if you are using the VPN for a lot of work.