What Makes a Good VPN?

You have no doubt seen how quickly a hacker can access your information on an insecure network, you’ve probably experienced the frustrating notification that displays when you try to watch a video online, “this content is not available to view in your country”, you may have even experienced the embarrassment of a boss reading your private emails, if so, you know you need a VPN!

How do you choose the VPN that’s right for you and how can you decide if it’s a good VPN or not?

Here are some tips on what you should look for, along with some tell-tale signs of what to avoid.

  • Blinded with Science

If you’re new to VPNs you’ll have come across many terms such as SSL, PPTP, L2TP and more. Now if you’re well versed in VPNs and have been using them on a large scale for a while, you may want to delve deeper into these protocols to see which one is right for you.

For the average user, the one who wants to browse, download and remove the restrictions of location, it really doesn’t matter much which one you choose. All will work just as well as the other and all will keep your information secure.

  • In and Out

One of the main reasons the average user chooses a VPN is to remove country restrictions. For example, you may want to watch Sherlock from the BBC in the UK as it airs rather than waiting weeks for it to hit your own TV. This is possible via a VPN.

In this instance it’s important to see which locations your VPN provider has servers in, as if they don’t have a server in the UK, your money will be wasted. Make a list of the countries you would like to access for whatever reason, whether it’s shopping, social networks, TV or a live feed of the Olympics. Then check the locations of your provider to make sure they all add up.

Another reason for choosing a VPN with servers in different location is to avoid government snooping. For example, in the US, your data can be handed over to the authorities on request. Many prefer a VPN so they know their browsing is completely secure.

In China, locals aren’t allowed to access Facebook, of course this means many use a VPN to see exactly what they’re being restricted from!

  • Extended Privacy

A VPN provider can actually see your data if they wish. Although your data will be kept completely secure from outside influences, the provider has access at all times. Some monitor your activity and record your usage which can completely defeat the object of why you chose a VPN in the first place.

We don’t keep a record of your usage or monitor your activity. You can see all of this in our terms and conditions. If you are choosing a VPN provider make sure they have the same declaration in their own T and Cs as many don’t!

Free VPN? A free VPN server may cover your basic needs but they are free for a reason. They will want to serve you lots of advertisements, which makes you wonder how they’re so relevant to your browsing if your data isn’t been logged?

A subscribed service is more committed to protecting your privacy, as it’s this that makes a good VPN provider stand head and shoulders above the rest. We are a good VPN provider!

  • Speed

It makes sense that when you add another feature to your connection the speed will slow. In the case of all VPNs, your internet connection will slow, the amount depends on the quality of the servers. Our service ensures you experience hardly any slowing at all, making it one of the fastest VPNs.

Along with the simple log in, the ability to use on any device and the ability to use a VPN without divulging your personal information, we are quite confident that you’ve already found the ideal VPN provider for your needs.

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