Why You Should Use VPN?

In the future the question, “why should I use a VPN?” won’t exist as now it’s become much easier to access this utility, everyone can benefit from using a VPN and the advantages are available to both professionals and personal users.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. On hearing these three words for the first time many people envisage browsing the web without recriminations. Visiting sites that they don’t want identified or hiding their internet usage from people at home.

The truth is, a VPN isn’t a private browsing application, it’s a lot more than that and as such it can give a whole lot more.

Here are a few examples of people who use VPNs and why, you’ll probably find you share similar characteristics with at least one group.

  • The Employee or Under Graduate

In many workplaces and universities a VPN is used. This is so students and employees can access the internal network without worrying about their log in details and activity being intercepted or monitored by a third party. Many establishments have VPNs in place, either through considerable investment in their own equipment or by subscribing to a service like ours.

  • The Streamer

Everyone likes to download content from the web. Those that do it regular use a VPN. This is because whether their activity is legal or illegal, their IP address can come under fire by a company looking to sue if a site like BitTorrent is used. This doesn’t mean downloaders are doing something illegal, it just means that the IP address will be hidden so they’re not in the frame should the torrenting app be targeted.

  • The Sleuth

The sleuth is passionate about privacy and sees no reason why their activity should be readily available to hackers, whether it’s sensitive information or not. The sleuth keeps every piece of communication private and uses a VPN at all times, something we could all learn a lesson from.

  • The Traveller

The traveller has a grip on world affairs. They know that some TV shows are only available to those residing in the country. They want to watch sports like the Olympics live as they happen but location means they’re blocked from entering foreign sites. The traveller uses a VPN as with AnonyVPN you can choose from over 80- locations allowing you to appear in the country you need to be to gain access to the local web feeds.

You could be a combination of the above or may have nothing in common with these user groups at all, either way it’s worth seeing how easily a Wi-Fi network can be hacked when you’re not using a VPN.

A VPN is an invention that should be applied to every connection as standard, as it protects identities from strangers and hackers but as it’s not, we supply cheap VPN so you can protect yourself, your location and your information for a very small monthly subscription.